Are the goalies themselves involved with this project?

Yes – each goalie whose mask is featured on this site has agreed to work with me and has kindly given me permission to use their name and mask image. In the case of goalies who are no longer alive, I am working with their family. Each goalie (or family) receives a reasonable percentage of the sale of each product that uses their mask image. And each of the goalies receives an identical percentage – we’re all in this together.

How are these products printed?

I am working with a rather remarkable company known as Printify to make the Goalies Rule line of products being sold at my Heritage Sports Stuff website . Printify is a Print-On-Demand company that uses a large number of smaller POD factories across the USA. In our case we are working with two factories - one in Michigan and the other in North Carolina. Printify makes dozens of different products as “print-on-demand” products, meaning the products only get made when someone orders a product online. There is no inventory of finished products, no physical store and there are no sales to physical stores – you cannot buy these “Goalies Rule” products in traditional stores – they are only available online. In my opinion, what makes Printify so unique is their business model. They have amazing software that allows anyone working with them (i.e. people just like me) to create a full line of personalized products from one simple photo/image. For the “Goalies Rule” campaign, the photo/image is the goalie’s mask.

Are you a former NHL goalie who wore a cool mask?

If you are a former NHL goalie who wore a cool face-fitting mask (ie not a helmet and cage style mask) in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s AND if your mask did not use an NHL team logo, then I’d love to explain how we could work together. Please contact me at:
Cell: 416-315-4736

Are you a retailer?

If you are a retail store and want to buy our products at wholesale for sale from your bricks and mortar store, contact Scott Sillcox directly. Our business model is almost exclusively D2C (Direct-To-Consumer), but depending our your wishes, we might be able to work with you on a wholesale basis – give me a call and let’s at least have a chat! Please contact me at:
Cell: 416-315-4736

Who painted the artwork?

I am lucky and privileged to have worked with Nola McConnan for almost 20 years. Toronto-based artist Nola McConnan is an Associate of OCAD University (formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design). For almost 40 years, her work as a graphic artist, fine artist and designer has earned her recognition and praise in a variety of corporate and private venues throughout North America. In 1999, Nola made the leap from painting nature-related pieces she is so well-known for to sports-themed art. She has since created more than 1,000 uniform watercolor paintings and roughly 25 goalie mask images, and drawn more than 300 pen and ink renderings of stadia, arenas, and ballparks. Nola’s uniform artwork can be seen at Her works include all of MLB’s National League uniforms, almost all of the NCAA football uniforms, all of the CFL uniforms, as well as many of the NFL uniforms and NHL jerseys. She uses transparent watercolor, egg tempera, graphite, pencil crayon and original prints to interpret what she sees, and breathe life eternal into the paintings, drawings, and portraits she creates. She is an advocate for visual art, as well as publicly accessible visual art spaces and programs for aspiring artists. Nola is also a signing member of the Toronto Watercolor Society, and an associate for a number of arts-focused groups including the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor, Visual Arts Mississauga, and the Colored Pencil Society of America.

Why should someone buy from me?

I am a real person and I answer phone calls and emails. If you have questions, call me or email me. If you have bought a product from me and are dissatisfied in any way, let me know and I’ll make things right. Life’s too short to be unhappy with something you buy, so let me know if you’re not happy. And if you don’t want to order online and would prefer to order by speaking with me, then call me and I’ll take your order over the phone. I want to earn your business and that’s why I think you should consider buying from me.